Organizational partners are selected based on their expertise and knowledge of design processes and their commitment to underserved communities. Partners also have capacity to provide volunteers. and technical assistance toward the implementation of Recovery by Design, design plan outcomes and the development of metrics to assess the impact of this program. RBHA Specifically is the catalytic partner that brings their clients to the mOb+ Storefront studio as participants in Recovery by Design. They provide transportation to clients and have staff on hand during classes to assist with any issues that may arise. RBHA and mOb+Storefront faculty and staff will work together through our networks to analyze and report back on the impacts being made by this partnership in the lives of those in the process of recovery.

Storefront For Community Design
Storefront for Community Design is Richmond, Virginia’s community design center. Founded and assisted by a dedicated group of public servants, architects, designers, and planners, Storefront is an open resource to any individual, community, neighborhood, organization, or business in Richmond in need of design or planning assistance. Storefront was named “Best of Richmond” in the categories of Urban Planning and Community Development in July 2014 by Richmond Magazine.

mOb Studio
VCUarts supports the venture with three faculty and the assistance of a GTA. The mOb studio is a full classroom with 30 dedicated student desks, production equipment (sewing machines, printers. tools, art supplies), exhibition and meeting space. The studio makes design visible to visitors and clients as students inhabit the office at all hours. The creative resources of the faculty and students of mOb are committed to the Storefront partnership in a relationship of trust and mutual governance.

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA)
RBHA enhances the quality of life for the people of Richmond by promoting and providing quality behavioral health and developmental services that are available, accessible, and cost-effective. Since its inception, RBHA has served thousands of vulnerable children and adults. In 2013, RBHA provided services to approximately 10,000 individuals, ranging in age from infants and toddlers to the elderly, and representing approximately 5% of Richmond City’s total population.

Richmond Behavioral Health Foundation
The mission of the Richmond Behavioral Health Foundation (RBHF) is to obtain funding to support and enhance the essential services of RBHA – Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, Substance Use Disorders, and Emergency/Crisis Intervention Services that are available 24/7 365 days a year.

The Center on Society and Health
The VCU Center on Society and Health (formerly the VCU Center on Human Needs) is an academic research center that studies the health implications of social factors—such as education, income, neighborhood and community environmental conditions, and public policy. Its mission is to answer relevant questions that can “move the needle” to improve health of Americans and present our work in formats and venues that are useful to decision-makers and change agents. The Center pursues these goals through collaboration with scholars in different disciplines at VCU and other institutions, and by nurturing partnerships with community, government, and private-sector stakeholders.


National Endowment For the Arts (NEA)
The NEA has provided funding for Recovery By Design through its ART WORKS grant program.