O.K. Posters

The mOb team of Fall 2015 and Spring 2016: Kerrie Harlow, Miranda Leung, Thomas Kennedy, Kevin Ball, Anya Sherbacova, Catherine Cozzi, worked to recontextualize the work created during the Recovery by Design workshops into a series of 20 posters aimed to destigmatize mental health and substance use disorders. They proposed to hang the posters at a number of locations throughout […]

Pattern Making + Fabric Printing

The workshops of this year’s Spring session of RBD were designed to have an over-arching curriculum and to build on each other. Students and volunteers were also more connected by working together in a better environment for group knowledge-building. The workshops of this year’s Spring session of RBD provided skills and materials needed for students to make fabric which can be made […]


In this class, students drew images of sounds they were comforted by. Then the students compiled these found footage soundscapes corresponding to the images they drew. At the end of the workshop students were given mp3 players with their soundscapes as well as their peers so that they could listen to them wherever or whenever they […]

Fashioning Yourself

Students were asked to design garments on 8.5 x 11 paper templates that they then cut out and photographed themselves wearing them.

Timeline Videos

Students reflected on objects and images of their past and then illustrated these objects on a long sheet of paper. Instructors filmed the students speaking about what they hope for the future in front of a green screen that was replaced with each student’s individual backgrounds scrolling behind them.